ANSI Certified Safety Shower Systems

ECO-Technica Inc. set out to design the world’s best safety shower for extreme, cold weather conditions. Safety and durability are the core concepts of this shower. It was designed from the ground up to function perfectly every time, immediately. Constructed with the best materials available and assembled with high precision. There is no other safety shower like it.

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The Polar Bear 100 is suited for extremely cold outdoor conditions and is fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1 (American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.) It provides 15 minutes of uninterrupted operation and is optimized for full body or eye wash. It has a rugged steel structure and is easily transported to different locations as required. Transport can be forklift pockets or optional lifting lugs. A tow bar style frame can also be ordered.


Specifications (Standard Model)

Special Options Available (Customized)

Dimensions: L 1776mm x W 1776mm x H 3334mm (70” x 70” x 131”)
Weight Empty: 1680 kg / (3700 lbs.)
Weight Full: 3130 kg / (6900 lbs.)
Tank Volume: 1460 L / (386 ga.)
Water Temp: Tank heating pads – 18 °C – 26 °C (64 °F – 79 °F)
Preservation: Water preservation done via chemical injection.
Operation Time: 15 minutes of continuous water flow.
Alarms: Water level / Water temp. / Air temp. / In use
Connection: 208/240 VAC 30A
Lighting: Manual internal / Manual or auto external
Heat: Internal space heater
Building: CSA A660 Certified